Aromatherapy beauty spa

9:00 am to 10:00 pm
*Reservations required.
*Reservations and inquiries: Hakone Hotel (tel. 0460-83-6311)

  • Facial
    An aroma oil treatment from your face to your decolletage.
    (90 minutes, ¥14,700)
  • Back Treatment
    A treatment for your back, which is hard to take care of by yourself.
    (50 minutes, ¥8,400)
  • Foot Treatment
    A treatment to gently soothe you from your soles to your calves.
    (45 minutes, ¥7,560)
  • Hands and Head Care
    A treatment to slowly massage your hands and head, where stress tends to accumulate.
    (40 minutes, ¥7,350)
  • Body Treatment
    This course combines the Back, Foot, and Hand Treatments.
    (100 minutes, ¥22,050)
  • VIP Course
    An extravagent total treatment course for both face and body.
    (130 minutes, ¥29,400)

Free shuttle bus

Reservations required. Free shuttle bus from Odawara Station (West exit) to the Hakone Hotel
The Hakone Hotel provides a free shuttle bus service between Odawara Station to the Hakone Hotel for overnight guests only.

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42 passenger cars (free)